Kim F - Office Administrator

Triangle Family Dentistry

Triangle Family Dentistry loves working with Ace Chat. Beth and her team made implementation very easy and quick. They asked all the right questions and were careful to customize areas that were very important to us. Once we went "live" and realized we had answered a few implementation questions incorrectly, Beth was hands on and provided outstanding and immediate customer support. The chat scripts are sent to our office immediately and their leads are very easy to convert to new patients.

The entire Ace Chat team is always positive, professional and extremely helpful during their live chat. They take going above and beyond to new heights!

Dr. Steve Brown

The Perio Group

I am writing to express my gratitude for the service you have provided via Ace Chat. The efforts of your organization have exceeded my expectations.

You promised that the embedding of the software would be efficient and without interruption to the functioning of my Website, and you delivered on time, as promised. You provided a seamless process working directly with the individuals who manage my website. The work was completed efficiently and effectively. We were up and running in less than twenty-four hours.

More importantly, your organization has provided courteous and timely responses to the queries of potential patients visiting the site. Questions have been thoroughly answered and patients report that they felt well taken care of. We have been provided with a complete and accurate transcript of each call, consequently patients are more easy to contact and schedule.

Having Ace Chat on my Website has resulted in an increase in new patients, who are well informed and ready to accept the services we deliver.

It is a pleasure to work with an organization that delivers on its promises.

Dr. Steve Brown

Dr. Gary Radz

Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado

Ace Chat is awesome. I love the immediate ability to interact with patients and potential patients. We have had nothing but positive responses since adding chat onto our website.

I can't imagine ever not having this highly productive and effective service.

Dr. Stephen Matarazzo

Quincy Smile Center

I am 100% pleased with your service. I wish I could hire your team to work in my office. You can’t train people to care or think on their feet like your team does. That goes for every single person on your team. I read each chat more than once and I have never thought you took the wrong approach. I always think you take an honest and caring approach. I do not worry for one second about what a new patient might think after communicating with you – I am sure they have a hugely positive initial impression of my office. As I tell my team, we have only one chance to make a first impression.

Ace Chat is totally awesome. I would hire immediately any of the women that help our patients. They have a talent you can’t teach. Hey Beth, if any of your staff is moving to Boston let me know.

Dr. Greg Wych

The Art of Dentistry

www.irmocosmeticdentist.com Having Ace Chat on my dental web sites has been a great addition. We get at least two or three “chats” a day for each web site. Patients get their questions answered professionally by the Ace Chat staffer. We are always getting compliments! Most importantly, the prospective patient stays on our web site longer and isn’t distracted or goes to visit another web site. Its been a great addition to any practice, and will pay for itself on the first day!

Dr. Jim Arnold

Smiles By Arnold

The Ace Chat service has worked extraordinarily well for our practices. We were one of the first clients to work with this talented group of professionals, and we’ll stick with them forever! We have Ace Chat on both of our websites, and people LOVE it. We are signed up for business hours and a lot of “extended hours” because it is a wonderful service for potential and existing patients who visit our sites.

People really appreciate the prompt service and immediate answers to their questions. Beth and her team have all of our practice policies and preferences dialed in to a “T” and are incredibly helpful to everyone who they interact with. The majority of new patients we receive from our websites come directly as a result of Ace Chat. Our number of new patients from our websites has increased almost 50% since we started utilizing their service.

They are all helpful, prompt, articulate, and very professional. We pride ourselves on being innovative and working with the best dental service companies in the industry, and I can say without hesitation that Ace Chat is one of the best things we’ve added to our practice in the past five years. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Dr. Christian Yaste

Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

WOW! I would have never guessed that so many potential clients would rather chat through our website than email or pick up the phone and call. What a tremendous customer service tool an online chat service is. Its like a concierge for your website! In less than a month we have had over 40 interactions with potential clients and current patients.

The interactions through Ace Chat are very professional and the team at Ace Chat is knowledgeable and super easy to work with. I only wish I would have added this service sooner. Worth every dime and more! Ace Chat is probably one of the best and most cost effective tools we use online.

Dr. Chip Bohle

Bohle Family Dentistry

www.bohledental.com The website for Bohle Family Dentistry, www.BohleDental.com, has been using Ace Chat since 2014. We have received outstanding service and support and they continue to upgrade their product. It was easy to start and Beth provided great instruction for your webhost to use. We get great feedback from the people who land on our webpage about the Chat service. It lets people leave an easy question for us to answer with a return phone call or even better, the Ace Chat staff answers the question or directs the person to the correct webpage. It really seems like someone from your office to the people looking at your webpage. It is seamless and elegant. I fully recommend Ace Chat for your webpage.

Dr. Lee Sheldon

Lee. N. Sheldon, DMD, PA

www.drleesheldon.com As a user of Ace Chat service since 2012, I can recommend them very highly. Ace Chat provides an opportunity for a potential patient to correspond with someone in real time who knows dentistry and knows my practice. They are professional, knowledgeable, and do everything they can to convert a “shopper” into a patient. They immediately relay any chat that they have with a potential patient so that we may get in contact with them. This is a company that is superb in customer service and in promoting my practice. I would definitely recommend that you give Ace Chat Service a try.

Lynae V. – Practice Manager

McKinney Dentist

Ace Chat is amazing!! It’s the best marketing money we spend each month. All of the operators are professional and caring. They go above and beyond to help the patient and get them the answers they are looking for.
Beth and Joanne are a joy to work with!

Owen Nieberg

All About Braces

www.aabraces.com We have been working with Ace Chat since 2012. They have been nothing short of AWESOME. They have been extraordinarily professional in every interaction and have put a real-time, high-positive face on our web experience, which in the end has helped drive new patients. I would highly recommend their services!

William Bruno, MD

William Bruno Plastic Surgery

www.williambrunomd.com I have been using Ace Chat for my business since 2012 and have been extremely happy with both their customer service and the way the “chat” engages people. As a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, I feel the chat service helps my practice stand out from the competition by educating and familiarizing patients with my practice before they visit. I like how I get prompt leads from Ace Chat which display the entire conversation they had with the prospective patient so I can better follow up and answer questions more specifically. The human element of the chat is a great way for patients to get to know my practice and the Ace Chat staff really took their time to study my website before going live. I highly recommend this service to any website that is looking to improve their business. Thanks again.