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Online, Live Chat Support

What is Online Chat? And Why Does My Company Need It?

Real-time Online Presence

In today’s fast-paced economy, prompt and receptive customer service is an absolute must. Consumers want real-time answers for their inquiries and searches from the companies they use – or are considering using.

Online chat allows your company to expand customer service through your existing website by:

  • Extending office hours
  • Offering support through navigational assistance
  • Answering general questions
  • Providing an online persona
  • Generating new leads from site visitors

Online searches, references, and referrals drive much of today’s business. Customers make decisions about companies in milliseconds; the amount of time it takes for a webpage to load. A personalized, positive experience at your company’s website is often the difference between a new customer and a nameless click!

Personalized, High-Tech Experience for Consumers:

  • Immediate, live assistance from an Ace Chat Pilot
  • Professional, knowledgeable support
  • A warm reception to new visitors and potential customers
  • Prompt communication between Ace Chat Pilots and your office staff to keep you in the know about your customers’ needs and potential growth

Online, live chat allows your company to provide this immediate response, including personalized, up-to-date information.

How Does Chat Work?

Online chat offers a personal extension to your company’s online presence, bridging the gap between your online presence and your company.

With Ace Chat, a chat window pops up on your website, personally welcoming your current and potential customers.

  • Ace Chat will work with you and/or your web developer to implement a snippet of code into your existing website, allowing a pop-up window to appear on each page. This window invites your site visitors to ask questions, gather information, and receive personalized service with no queue.
  • Your customers will benefit from the information Ace Chat Pilots can share about the intimate working knowledge of your company and the services you provide. With this knowledge, we assess your customer’s needs, answer questions, and properly direct their inquiry to your team for further follow up.
  • Your company will receive an email transcription within minutes of a customer interaction with an Ace Chat Pilot, giving you and your team relevant information to further assist that customer.
  • Your existing customers and potential customers will benefit from extended business hours and weekday evening hours.
  • Your online visitors will receive assistance navigating your website; freeing up your company’s phone line and allowing in-office personnel to assist on-site customers. Ace Chat Pilots streamline your customer’s information and needs, maximizing your office staff’s time and resources.
  • Your business will be supported by Ace Chat, and their wide range of experience in supporting many types of business will enhance your customer service.

Who is Ace Chat?

Ace Chat is an online, live chat support company, based on the values of co-founders and owners, Beth and Joanne. They have created an online customer service company built on the foundation of American innovation and personalized service.

Together they have built a family-run, American-based and employed online chat experience that bridges the gap between online visitors and your company.


Why Should I Choose Ace Chat to Represent My Company?

Warmth and professionalism are the focus of all Ace Chat. HIPAA trained and certified, we serve your customers and your company with prompt, compassionate care, reflecting your company’s image and personality beyond the screen of your customer’s computer – making them feel valuable and cared for.

Ace Chat Pilots act as an extension of your office, providing affordable, professional, and personal support for your company’s website.

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We have experience in chatting for a variety of professionals and their businesses - and specialize in board-certified cosmetic dentists and plastic surgeons. We offer incredible support to your in-office team by minimizing incoming phone traffic and collecting and forwarding valuable customer information for any new leads we generate.

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People that use Live Chat are almost 8 times
more likely to convert into new business.


Proactive chat invitations on mobile devices
are increasing engagement rates by 400%