Live Support

Online, Live Chat Support

Providing a warm, friendly “handshake”
to your website visitors

Providing affordable live chat solutions for your business website & an excellent online addition to your in-office team.

  • Professional
  • Easy
  • Reliable

Serving your site visitors by:

  • Inviting them in to learn more
  • Helping them to access your services
  • Most importantly, treating them like family

With that handshake, we bridge the gap
between your website & you

How does Ace Chat provide that handshake to bridge the gap for you? Very simply:

1.  We work with your web developer to install a short piece of code onto your existing website

2. Our friendly and professional, HIPAA certified, Chat Pilots monitor your site to provide helpful assistance in real-time – providing a warm welcome to your site visitors

3. Acting as an extension of your office, with compassion and courtesy, we share pertinent information, answer basic questions, and assist with site navigation

4. Our Chat Pilots email you, within minutes of completion, our completed conversation with your site visitors so that you can gain a new patient, client or customer!

An online support solution personalized for your business.

Our friendly Chat Pilots engage your site visitors by offering a virtual “warm handshake” … building an immediate relationship with your business and your brand. We answer general questions and share pertinent information to help ensure that your site visitors feel cared for.

An online addition to your in-office team.

Our dedicated team will serve you and your online guests with kindness and empathy while providing superior customer service. All HIPAA trained and certified, thoughtfully chosen Pilots are located within the United States. We guarantee we will never outsource overseas. Ever.


We provide virtual support to you by giving your site guests immediate access to you!

  • Engaging your website visitors
  • Assisting with site navigation
  • Sharing pertinent information
  • Collecting valuable information from new & existing patients/customers
  • Piloting leads to your office via immediate email

In greater detail, Ace Chat offers affordable, professional, live support for your existing business website; we offer a technologically current solution to capture the web traffic responding to your existing marketing and web presence.

Our Ace Chat Pilots interact in real-time with your current and prospective customers through our professional, live chat service. We provide the opportunity to generate more leads for your business by turning nameless website clicks into potential customers. Your site visitors will have access to immediate, live assistance with an Ace Chat Pilot who has been trained for your business; we act as an extension of your in-office team with our unique blend of warmth and professionalism.

For your existing and potential customers, Ace Chat can bridge the gap from your website visitors directly to you, improving their site experience and building their commitment to your business!

The Ace Chat experience will maximize your existing website by:

  • Expanding your office hours
  • Offering support to your site visitors
  • Providing the opportunity to generate new leads for your business

Our chat pilots are ready to jet down and assist your website visitors!
They are trained to serve you by:

  • Engaging web chat traffic
  • Providing assistance
  • Collecting lead information
  • Piloting your new and existing customers to your business

For more details on how we serve you and your office click here!

We have experience in chatting for a variety of professionals and their businesses – and specialize in board-certified cosmetic dentists and plastic surgeons. We offer incredible support to your in-office team by minimizing incoming phone traffic and collecting and forwarding valuable customer information for any new leads we generate.

Ace Chat pilots are available weekdays and evenings to chat with your website visitors, offering assistance with website navigation and sharing pertinent information about your business.

Click here to subscribe with confidence to our professional live chat service! Enlist our Aces for real-time, live internet chat on your site by selecting a Monthly Option to suit your business and your customer service needs. Call us in Denver, Colorado at 720-722-0223 or email us at!

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